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Ebony's Black Mack

Ebony's Black Mack, aka "Cash," is an 11-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He is primarily Bjorn's field trial horse, but has also made a couple of show ring appearances. Cash is a quirky, yet calm and easy-going gelding. He is great for beginners, trail rides, and of course field trials. His smooth gaits are a dream to ride, yet he has quite a bit of "get up and go" in him for those preferring the sheer speed and harmony of the running walk.

Cash just hanging out at the trailer resting between braces at the Northstar field trial. You can see that he is quite pleased with the hunter braids he has acquired. ;)

Bjorn and Cash- riding out to plant birds for the next brace at the Northstar Weim trial 2007.

Cash and I took 3rd place out of 8 horses in the 2-gait trail pleasure walking horse class in his first ever horse show! We later learned that the first place horse was showing out of his division, so all the horses moved up a placement- so that should be a red ribbon you see there!